My name is Alison Raby and my journey with Life and Death began at the age of two when I contracted a debilitating, life threatening illness. For three years I became very familiar with the threat of Death, and the preciousness of Life.

When I was 17, the sudden death of my father, Al Raby, solidified my path. That same year I met my first teacher, Dick Olney, who became a mentor and second father to me until his death just five years later. The combination of my father's death and my introduction to Dick was the catalyst for what today is my personal practice and public invitation to engage with Life and Death.

At 27, I again confronted death through the loss of my partner and was led to my second, primary teacher and friend, Christine Price. I have since studied Gestalt Awareness Practice (GAP) with Chris for 15 years. I am honored to now teach the work that helped to change and save my life. In addition to this primary practice, my background includes a degree in Holistic Health and training in Buddhism, Reiki, The Enneagram, Self-Acceptance Training (SAT), Bioenergetics, Eidetic Imagery, Somatic work, and Reichian work, among other modalities.

In truth, everything I know, minus what I came in with and my life experience, has come through the generosity of my teachers.

My study continues…

At 37, I was brutally attacked. As the last breath left my body, Death's silent invitation to surrender enveloped me and I began my return.

A homeless man saved my life, placing his body over mine to stop the three men who were beating me to death. Through this man, Life seized me.

One question echoed as my breath began to return, Mary's question: Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?

LifeBeforeDeath is my true vocation, and a call to others to face the fact that this will end, to live without regret, and to realize their dreams. I firmly believe that, while Life and Death are very personal issues, they are also universal subjects that speak to us all.