LifeBeforeDeath bridges the gap between Life and Death and asks the question: Given that none of us are getting out of here alive, how will we live?

It is the work of demystifying Death: welcoming it in, making friends with it, and, if necessary, staring it down, before it knocks unexpectedly at our door.

LifeBeforeDeath teaches us to embrace Death as the natural counterpoint to birth. Only then can we truly open ourselves to the unknown and endless possibilities of our lives.

LifeBeforeDeath is also a celebration, a practice of actively waking up to reality, to the miracle that is every human life. It is a path to more aliveness.

The work is both individual and group oriented, but it is, ultimately, a Do It Yourself model. At the end of the day, no matter how many loved ones surround you, the work of living and dying is your own. In the day to day, only you can answer the questions: How do I choose to live? How do I cultivate more aliveness, more spark in my life? How do I birth my dreams? How do I become the person I truly long to be, wholly and fully living my life without regret? We want to both inspire and ignite you to consider these questions and add your own.