LifeBeforeDeath was developed over a decade ago to reflect a twenty-five year journey of study, thought and experiential education. Throughout my study and personal experiences with life and death, I have come to realize one very basic, yet profound fact: This will end.

Given this fact, countless questions arise, but one remains primary:
How will I choose to live?

LifeBeforeDeath centers on these two concepts, upon which I developed a number of beliefs: Birth is a miracle, Life is a gift, Death is a fact.

Realizing the miracle, celebrating the gift and facing the fact allows each of us the opportunity to use our limited time well, live without regret, and cultivate more aliveness.

My father was a civil rights activist, and I have always been deeply moved by his commitment to social justice and change. Ultimately, I view LifeBeforeDeath as a social movement. One that, like many movements, asks the hard questions and invites us to generate our own.

For instance: What if we recognized the limits of our time here? What if we realized that everything and everyone we love will ultimately be lost? How might we change? How might the world then change?

I work with individuals and facilitate seminars in the hope that this work will inspire others to consider their own beliefs and contemplate these questions. I am also publishing a workbook of self-guided exercises designed to aid others in their independent exploration of these core concepts and questions.

My deepest wish is that LifeBeforeDeath will take on a life of its own, changing the way Life, Death and even humanity itself are viewed.

Death is the natural bookend to Birth.
What are you writing on the pages in between?